SPA center


Steam Bath | Jacuzzi | Hammam treatment room

The steam bath is an extremely pleasant heat and steam therapy. Humidity is almost 100%, the temperature is about 40-50 ºC. The steam bath relaxes the muscles of the body, reduces stress, improves blood circulation, removes toxins.

Hydrotherapy is a great way to get rid of stress. Water currents stimulate blood circulation, soothe and deepen breathing. Skin cells regenerate faster & become more elastic due to more active absorption of oxygen.

The vertical hydro massage  shower relaxes and massages body with the chosen current strength.

The SPA EAST also features a Hammam treatment room (treatment must be booked in advance). Relaxation on a warm marble lounger, body scrub and massage in a cloud of fragrant soap foam - this is another great highlight of a carefree holiday...


Sauna | Hydro massage bath | Massage showers

Sauna heat relaxes the muscles of the body, reduces stress, improves blood circulation, promotes the release of endorphins. The skin is cleansed and toxins are eliminated, when the body is exposed to sauna heat. Visiting the sauna has a positive effect on person's mood, helps to strengthen immunity. Pleasant time in the sauna also affects a peaceful deep sleep. Air temperature in the sauna is 90ºC.

Hydrotherapy is a great way to get rid of stress and relax. The benefits of underwater massage are unquestionable: soothing effect on the nervous system, decreased irritability, activated blood circulation and metabolism, improved skin elasticity & firmness.

Horizontal SPA WEST hydro massage showers for the shoulders, back and legs are perfect for people who do sedentary job and often experience back fatigue.

SPA treatments

Professional treatments with GEMOLOGY cosmetics containing minerals from precious and semi-precious stones.



Active leisure

Do not put your active lifestyle on hold just because you are away from home. Use the Hotel Gym free of charge!

The Gym features modern cardio equipment, free weights, yoga mats and other gym items.

Rent a bicycle and explore the  surroundings as long as you wish, breathing fresh pine scented air!